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Water Quality

The primary water supply for the Westhills Water System is the Sooke Lake Reservoir, which also supplies water to the vast majority of the Capital Regional District. This water source is owned and managed by CRD Integrated Water Services, including all disinfection and treatment processes – notably UV sterilization and chloramination. For more information on water quality and treatment in our region, please visit the CRD website.

Annual Water Main Flushing

SSL performs water main flushing annually, generally during April or May of each year. We also flush the ends of our water mains annually; this usually takes place in September or October.

The flushing program is a procedure used to “scour” accumulated sediments within the water distribution pipes and reservoirs. This is done by systematically opening the fire hydrants and valves to force water at very high velocities through the system. This is an effective method of cleaning the inside of the water mains.

The flushing program also provides other water system benefits such as improvements to water quality and system operations, identification of weak or problem areas, and can also help to extend the life of the water system components.

During the flushing process, customers may experience brief periods of lower pressure, slightly discoloured water, air pockets or increases in chlorine odour. These temporary conditions are normal, not a health hazard, and can be cleared by running the cold water tap for a few minutes. Those with health concerns may want to reference the following Island Health files:

We advertise the water main flushing program on our website and email a notice to all customers who have provided an email address. For more flushing information or to be added to our list of email notifications Contact Us.

Water Quality Monitoring

Despite having no role in water treatment, we routinely monitor drinking water quality within the Westhills Water System. Samples are collected on a regular basis at various sites throughout the community and sent for bacteriological analysis at a laboratory. Parameters such as Total coliforms, E. coli, HPC, turbidity and total chlorine residual are measured and compared against accepted guidelines for drinking water quality. Further details are contained in our annual reports, available for download below.

Southern Vancouver Island is extremely fortunate to enjoy high-quality drinking water resources. This has largely been made possible through efforts by the CRD and VIHA, who we acknowledge as valuable partners in the ongoing delivery of safe, clean water to our customers. We are proud of our role in providing a critical utility to the vibrant and growing community of Westhills.

Water Quality Reports

As of 2018, SSL water quality test results are directly submitted to the Vancouver Island Health Authority and reported on their public database.

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