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Heat Pumps

The majority of heat pump systems in this region use air-source technology, which exchange heat with the outside air to provide space heating or cooling. These heat pumps are more energy efficient than most conventional heating systems, but their efficiency diminishes as the outside air temperature drops because there is only minimal heat available to extract.

Homes at Westhills use GeoExchange (also known as ground source, or water source) heat pumps, which exchange heat with an underground fluid. The CES maintains and delivers this fluid at an optimal temperature year-round, resulting in superior energy efficiency regardless of outside air temperatures.

This simplified schematic shows a typical GeoExchange heat pump at Westhills in heating mode:Heat-Pump-Heating

  1. Water is pumped in from the warm pipe in the road.
  2. The system extracts heat from the fluid and transfers it into the home for heating or hot water*.
  3. The fluid, now at a colder temperature after heat has been extracted, returns to the cold pipe in the road.


This simplified schematic shows a typical GeoExchange heat pump at Westhills in cooling mode:Heat-Pump-Cooling

  1. Water is pumped in from the cool pipe in the road.
  2. The system removes heat from inside the house by transferring it into the fluid.
  3. The fluid, now at a warmer temperature after accepting heat from the home, returns to the warm pipe in the road.


GeoExchange Heat Pumps at Westhills have many features and benefits:

  1. Energy Efficiency: CES-connected homes use, on average, 35% less electricity than comparable homes with baseboard heating.
  2. Forced Air*: centralized systems with forced air provide comfortable, even temperatures throughout the entire home.
  3. Cooling*: Westhills homes enjoy the option of air conditioning – for those hot summer days! (Note: certain in-floor radiant heating systems do not provide air conditioning)
  4. Air Filtration*: duct filters remove dust, hair and dirt to provide a cleaner indoor environment.
  5. Programmable Thermostats: intelligent thermostats allow you to program your heating and cooling preferences around your unique schedule.
* May not apply to all homes. For more service information contact SSL-Sustainable Services Ltd. 

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